There are two types of accounts in Mobitru: Personal and Team. You can choose the appropriate account in the Account menu in the top right corner of the application.

Account menu in the top right corner.

Personal accounts

Personal accounts are available for EPAM employees only. You have a 500-minute quota per month.

The following restrictions exist for Personal accounts:

The first quota depends on the first login to the platform. If you have logged in in the middle of the month, the platform will count the first quota proportionally. The following quota does not depend on a login date and will be 500 minutes.

Team accounts

If you are a member of a team and the team has a Mobitru account, you can choose it for testing.

Team accounts have the following advantages over Personal accounts:

Upgrade plan

You can request upgrading a plan or creating a Team account in the Upgrade plan modal. You will find the modal in the magenta stripe (Personal accounts only), Statistics or Reached quota modal:

Upgrade plan stripe for Personal accounts
Upgrade plan stripe
Upgrade plan in Statistics
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