QR/Barcode scanning

You can test a camera-based feature with the help of the Mobitru QR/Barcode scanning feature. For this, you just need to install the application with the turned-in Image injection option and upload a QR/Barcode image to our platform.

QR/Barcode scanning requirements

The QR/Barcode feature has the following requirements:

  • Mobile application type: native iOS.
  • Image extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .png.
  • Image max size: 5MB.
  • Supported barcode types: QR, Aztec, Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A.

Barcode types examples

The table shows examples of the supported barcode types.

Code typeExample
QRQR code
UPC-AUPCA barcode example
Code128Code128 image
EAN8EAN8 barcode example
EAN13EAN13 barcode example

If you need a barcode type that is not in the list of the supported ones, contact support@mobitru.com.

QR/Barcode scanning steps

To use the QR/Barcode scanning feature, you can watch the video on YouTube or follow the steps:

  1. Upload your .ipa file to the Install App tab.
Uploaded .ipa file in the Install App tab.
  1. Click on Install -> Choose the App Re-signing and Image Injection checkboxes -> Choose Start installation
The App-Resigning and Image injection checkboxes for .ipa files.
  1. Open the installed application
Installed QR/Barcode application.
  1. Choose the QR/Barcode feature in the app -> Allow access to the camera
Confirm access to camera.
  1. Click on the QR/Barcode button
QR/Barcode icon in the Device area.
  1. Drag and drop or use the Upload image button to add a QR/Barcode
Ways to upload a QR/Barcode image: Upload image button or drag and drop.

QR/Barcode cancellation

You can leave the feature before or during a QR/Barcode image upload and scanning.

Before uploading: if you have not chosen an image, you can click on Cancel, and the feature will close.

During uploading: if you have initiated a QR/Barcode image scanning, after clicking on Cancel, you will see a confirmation modal where you need to choose one of the buttons:

  • Yes – to stop the QR/Barcode uploading and scanning.
  • No – to continue the QR/Barcode scanning.
Modal to cancel QR/Barcode uploading

Success and Error messages

If the QR/Barcode image scanning is successful, you will see the following message:

Successful QR/Barcode scanning message.

If you have not followed the requirements or steps described above, you will see such messages:

If you did everything according to the instruction, but the feature fails, contact support@mobitru.com.

Information for developers

You can add our framework to your test builds. To find out the details, contact support@mobitru.com.

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