Quota emails for Team managers

Time and budget managements are crucial nowadays. Except the Statistics tab where team mates can track their platform usage, Mobitru has special email notifications for Managers in the Team account.

If the Team subscription has time quota limitations, Team managers will receive emails in the following cases:

  1. The team reached time quota.
    There are teams on Mobitru who have a rigid time quota and they cannot exceed this time. If the team reached the allocated time, the manager will receive the email. It will inform about the situation and warn about blocking the further work on the platform.
  1. The team overuses time quota.
    Some teams can use more time than included in their subscription. The manager will receive the email when the team reaches the time quota and continues using the platform. Thus, the team will understand that some extra costs will be applied in this case.

When one of the cases above happens and the team wants to make any change in their subscription, the Team manager need to contact support@mobitru.com.

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