Install App tab

You can manage your applications in the Install App tab: upload, install, uninstall, remove. You can find the tab for every device in the session in the Pane.


The Install App tab has two states:


Empty Install App tab

With applications

Install App tab with applications


You will see the following elements in the Install App tab:

  • Upload app button – opens folders of your computer to choose an application file
  • Install/Uninstall button – installs and uninstalls the application on a device
  • Remove button – deletes the application from the Install App tab
  • App name
  • App build
  • Checkboxes labels – information about the checkboxes you chose for installing an application

Supported app extensions

You can upload files with the following extensions:

  • Android: .apk
  • iOS: .ipa

Steps to upload an application

To upload an application file, you need to choose an option depending on whether the Install App tab is empty or has applications:

Option 1: Drag and drop (the tab is empty or with apps)

  1. Open the Pane -> Native -> Install App.
  2. Choose a file on your PC.
  3. Drop it to the tab.
Install App when you drag and drop an application

Option 2: File explorer (the tab is empty)

  1. Open the Pane -> Native -> Install App.
  2. Click on Select.
  3. Choose a file.
Select app button in the empty state

Option 3: File explorer (the tab has apps)

  1. Open the Pane -> Native -> Install App.
  2. Click on Upload app.
  3. Choose a file.
Upload app button in the Install App tab

Steps to install an application

After uploading an application, you can click on Install to initiate the installation process. During the installation, a progress bar will be displayed.

Install button


For iOS and Android, you will see a bit different modals with checkboxes. The following modal appears when you click on Install for an iOS application:

App Re-singing and Image Injection checkboxes for iOS

Here you need to choose the checkboxes:

App-Resigning: adds the Mobitru provisioning profile into the application.

Image Injection: required when you work with QR/Barcode or Biometric Authentication features.

To clarify, App Re-signing influences features based on iOS entitlements. For instance, Push notifications, Login via Apple Id, etc. To avoid it, you can add the Mobitru devices UDIDs to your developer program, re-build the application and install the app without the Re-signing checkbox on the added devices. The Image injection feature can be added to your test build. To find out how to do it, contact

For Android, the modal contains one checkbox. That is to say, you need to choose it before installation to test QR/Barcode scanning or Biometric authentication request.

How to uninstall an application

To uninstall an application from a device, click on the Uninstall button. The application file will remain in the Install App tab.

Uninstall button

How to remove an application

To remove an application file from the Install App tab, click on the Remove button. If the application is installed on the device, it will not be uninstalled after removing an application file.

Remove button
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