High- and low-performance modes

Mobitru devices are remote, and the Mobitru team needs to find a balance between user experience and device performance. We want the devices to respond quickly so that users feel as if the devices are in their hands when they tap or swipe the screen or interact with phones and tablets in other ways. But sometimes, there are cases when there are some troubles in establishing a connection with remote devices. To cover all these cases, Mobitru has two approaches for communication with devices.


The High-performance mode is enabled on devices by default. When a device is in this mode, any interaction with a device leads to a result immediately.


The Low-performance mode includes Video and Screen Capture modes described in this article. This mode can be active on devices where the High-performance mode is impossible to activate.

Automatic switch to Low-performance mode

You cannot change the High-performance mode to the Low-performance one by yourselves. The platform can understand that a restriction exists on the user’s environment and the High-performance mode protocol cannot be connected. In this case, the device will be automatically switched to the Low-performance mode.

What does it look like?

You start a device, the Mobitru system detects a limitation and shows you a modal informing that the device session is in the Low-performance mode. The modal appears in 30 seconds after the session starts. If you reload the browser page, the system will count another 30 seconds.

Will all the devices be in the Low-performance mode for me now?

No, they won’t. Mobitru will try to turn on the High-performance mode for you every device session. Perhaps, the problem is temporary on your side, and next time, the device will be in the quick mode. Moreover, if you reload the browser page or collapse and resume your device, the platform will try to connect to the High-performance approach first. Note that the Refresh button in the device area does not influence the mode of the device.

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