Mobitru User Guide

Mobitru is a cloud platform that provides remote access to real devices. In this section, you can find detailed information about the features.

Short of time? – Read our Start Guide which provides a quick overview of the platform.

Interested in Automation only? – Navigate here.

Have not found information? – Check FAQ or contact

Do you want to know more about Mobitru devices? – Find various operating systems versions in the Devices tab. Check the newest and most popular devices marked as Premium. Need only several devices? Add them to Favorites not to lose time on searching. Filter and sort devices to find the most suitable model. Check device information in Settings. Check special labels to find out when a device will be available.

What can you do in the Device area?Install .apk and .ipa applications on Android and iOS devices. Enable the Sound feature to hear your app’s audio. Test features based on Biometric authentication (iOS, Android) or QR/Barcode scanning (iOS, Android). Change quality settings not to lose performance if the Internet connection is poor at the moment.

Need to conduct a demo on a device? – No problem! Book a device, and it will be available when you need it. Moreover, you can configure a booked device for team collaboration.

Want estimations and planning? – Track usage, teammates and devices in the Statistics tab.

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