Biometric authentication on Android

Biometric authentication is used to verify a user’s identity and includes such forms as fingerprint, voice, face recognition and other. On Mobitru Androids, such types as fingerprint and face recognition are supported. If you want to find out about the feature on iOS, read this article.

The Biometric authentication feature is available in beta mode for Android native applications.

How to send a Biometric request

You need to follow the steps to send a fingerprint or face recognition request on a remote Android device:

  1. Upload your .apk file to the Application management tab.
Application management tab on Mobitru
  1. Click on Install.
Install app button
  1. Select the Image Injection checkbox.
Mobitru Image Injection checkbox
  1. Click on Start installation.
Installation confirmation on Mobitru
  1. Open the installed application.
    The app installation duration increases when you choose the Image injection checkbox. It is caused by the Image injection feature adding.
  2. Choose a feature in the app that requires biometric authentication.
    Example of the feature:
An example of the feature in the Mobitru application
  1. In the Quick access toolbar, click on Biometric Authentication (Beta).
Biometric Authentication button in Mobitru Quick Access toolbar
  1. Specify “Success” or “Fail” depending on your test scenario.
Success and Fail buttons for Biometric Authentication feature

Error messages

The following error messages will appear in the Device area if you missed a step:

There may be a situation when you do everything according to the instructions, but the feature fails. In this case, do not hesitate to contact

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