Google services on Androids

Supported versions and accounts

On Android devices running OS version 9 and higher, you can log in to Google services, including Google Play.

On devices on Android lower than 9, you will see a message that the operation is not allowed by the Admin:

Other accounts are not allowed. For example, Xiaomi and Samsung.

How to log in

To log in to a Google application, follow the steps:

  1. Hover over a device.
  2. Choose Start.
  3. Find a Google application, you need (for example, Google Play).
  4. Sign in as if on the device in your hands.

Removing accounts

When you end a device session, the device info is cleared. Thus, your Google account will be removed. The exception exists for the following cases, when clearing is off on devices:

Known issues and limitations

Signing in to the Google account may be impossible on Huawei devices. You will see a black screen in this case.

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