Session duration

Device sessions can have the following durations on Mobitru: 15 minutes and 3 hours. Also, you can change the duration with the help of bookings.

The duration rules are the same for manual and automation sessions.

15 minutes

When you work under your Personal account, Premium devices will have 15-minute sessions.

Session duration of Premium devices on Mobitru

3 hours

The 3-hour sessions are available in the following cases:

Session duration depending on Mobitru account and device type

More than 3 hours

You can use the booking feature to have sessions more or less than 3 hours. The feature is available for team accounts.

After clicking on the Booking button, you can choose the booking duration in the New booking window. Note that if the device session is planned to take more than 3 hours, the device will have a short reboot. After that, the session will continue.

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