What’s new in v2.5.0


New OS versions

The Mobitru platform supports the following versions: 16 for iPhone, 16 beta for iPads, and 13 for Android.

Wi-Fi status

You can check whether a device has an Internet connection before a device session start. If the device has a crossed Wi-Fi icon, the Internet is missing.

Internet icon in the Card view
Internet icon in the Detail view

QR/Barcode drag & drop

There is such an improvement in the QR/Barcode Injection modal as a possibility to drag & drop the image:

QR/Barcode drag and drop

Request devices

The Support menu has a new link – Request Device. It leads to Forms where you can answer several questions to let the Mobitru team know what devices the platform is missing:

Request device in Support

Build Id/Version

You can check the Build Version of a device operating system in Settings:

Build version in Settings


API update

The API responsible for searching available devices has been fixed for parallel tests. Only available devices will return for every test.
Here is a link to the API.

Appium sessions stabilization

For iOS devices, there is a fix for the intermittent error “selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: Automation slot is unavailable for requested capabilities TimeoutError: operation timed out”.


The platform supports ChromeDriver compatible with the latest versions of the Chrome browser.
ChromeDriver known issue: automation session does not start for Web tests on Android 13 devices.

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