What’s new on v5.1.0

iOS 17

iOS 17.X devices are available on the Mobitru platform.

iOS 17 devices

Note that there are the following limitations for this version:

  • no Sound support
  • no Remote debug support

Appium and Native Inspectors

In v4.2.0, we announced that Mobitru has integration with Appium Inspector. Now, you can find and copy desired capabilities from the Device area.

To make navigation more convenient, we placed Appium and Native Inspectors under a new tab – Automation tools. The Native Inspector feature has an updated design.

Automation tools section in the Device area.

Logs export

You can export the System log and Appium log records as .log files.

Emails for new users

New users will receive our welcoming emails when they accept the Mobitru terms of use.

Cisco app on Androids

We included the  Cisco Secure Client application in the package with preinstalled apps on Android devices. For iOS, you need to install it from App Store with your Apple ID.

Cisco Secure Client on Mobitru devices

Watch the overview of the released features in our channel:

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