Local tunneling in Mobitru Connect

To open your localhost or internal server on a Mobitru real device, you can use Local tunneling in Mobitru Connect. The feature can be activated from the UI application or in Terminal.

exclamation, warning, alert-40026.jpgWhen you use Local tunneling, you do not need to change anything in the device settings on the platform.

Steps to enable Local tunneling in the UI mode

– contact support@mobitru.com to receive the application.
– turn on VPN on your PC if needed.

  1. Log in to the platform.
  1. Go to Account menu –> User Settings.
  1. Generate and copy an Access key.
    The key should be saved in a secure storage as it is not saved after closing Mobitru Connect.
  1. Paste the copied value to Your access key in Mobitru Connect.
  1. On the platform, choose a device you want to work on.
  2. Copy UDID or Serial number of the device.
    There are several ways to do it before starting a device session:
    1) Go to Devices -> Switch to the Detail view -> Check the columns in the table.
    2) Go to Devices -> Click on the device card or row -> Find the field in the Settings screen.
  1. Paste the copied value to Device UDID/Serial number in Mobitru Connect.
  1. Leave “app.mobitru.com” in Mobitru hostname.
  1. Enable the Local tunneling toggle.
  1. On the platform, hover over the device and click on Start.
  1. Click on Start in Mobitru Connect.
  1. On the platform, open Pane -> Quick browser navigation.
  2. Enter “local.host:8080” -> Choose Open.

If localhost does not open, check the Troubleshooting section, or contact support@mobitru.com.

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