Pane features

Mobit GenAI

Take at least one screenshot of your application, enter a prompt into the AI chat and choose one of the assistants to generate test and development documentation.

Quick browser navigation

Enter URL to the special field to open a site quickly.

Quick browser navigation field


Copy text information from a device.

Note: On Android, it is possible to copy and paste a text from and to a device. On iOS, you can only paste a copied text to the device.

Clipboard field for Mobitru Android

Install App

Upload your .apk or .ipa files to the tab to install them on the Mobitru devices.

Install App tab on Mobitru

Appium Inspector

Find the desired capabilities in the Appium Inspector tab. They are required for Mobitru and Appium Inspector integration.

Mobitru Appium Inspector

Native Inspector

Check the UI elements information.

Mobitru Native Inspector tab

Emulate GPS

Set a location on the map to change the GPS of the device.

Emulate GPS on Mobitru

File Explorer (Android only)

Check a device’s folders and download the required files.

Android files in the File explorer

Crash Explorer (iOS only)

Check crash logs when you investigate an issue.

Crash explorer on iOS

Screenshot manager

Take a screenshot in the special tab. You can download it any time during the device session.

Screenshot manager on Mobitru

Web development tools

Explore a mobile website via the Web development tools:

Safari WebKit on iOS

Safari Webkit Inspector on Mobitru

Chrome DevTools on Android

Chrome DevTools on Mobitru


Check the display, platform, hardware, and battery information about the device in use.

Info tab in the Device area provides helpful details about a device.

Keyboard shortcuts

Find out what hotkeys you can use for more convenient use.

Streaming quality settings

Change the mode from Video to Screen Capture based on the Internet.

Device Streaming Quality Settings on Mobitru

System log

Start logging what is happening on the device.

Appium log

Log your automation test process.

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